“Why Is Saudi Money Worse Than Cash From A Bunch Of White Guys In America?”, Martin Samuel

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Consider how phony the Premier League’s outrage about Newcastle’s takeover by Saudi Arabia is: the same teams had no problem with it when it happened at Sheffield United.

They can deal with potless Saudis. And by any standard, Prince Abdullah bin Mosaad bin Abdulaziz Al Saud does not sit at the top of the Gulf’s wealth chart. Few people would mind being a few pounds behind him, but he isn’t intimidating the other owners. It’s all he can do right now to keep his club out of League One next season.

Given that Manchester United agreed a strategic collaboration with Saudi Arabia’s government-backed General Sports Authority in 2017, the Premier League’s principled band doesn’t mind rubbing along with despotic governments.

The official announcement, as well as a photo of Richard Arnold, the club’s group managing director, holding up a shirt alongside GSA chairman Turki Al-Shikh, are still available on the club’s website. Al-name is written on the back of the jersey. Shikh’s ‘With over five million committed followers, the club has a long-standing relationship with Saudi Arabia,’ Arnold said.

‘Our partnership with Saudi Telecom is the longest running of all our commercial partners. Having the chance to help shape the football industry in the Kingdom is a great honour and it is something where we believe we can make a big difference. I hope this strategic alliance will benefit generations of Saudi footballers, supporters and young professionals looking to work in football well beyond Saudi Vision 2030.’

Source: Daily Mail

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