No Sign Solskjær Is Klopp

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When it came to discussing why coaches needed more time, Sir Alex Ferguson was the go-to example because it took him three and a half years to win his first trophy at Manchester United. Instead, Jurgen Klopp is being held up as a model.

The Liverpool manager, like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, won nothing in his first two full seasons in charge. Indeed, as Gary Neville noted on Monday Night Football in August, their records during that time span were “nearly exact in terms of performance.”

It hasn’t taken long for Solskjaer’s defense to be mounted. Klopp’s third full season returned the Champions League title to Anfield, as well as a 97-point Premier League campaign in which Liverpool was only defeated once. United have lost two of their last three.

Solskjaer’s ability to take Manchester United to the next level has always been based on trust rather than logic. This is the risk of playing the waiting game, as well as the Klopp comparison. What if Solskjaer isn’t constructing the team that some of his followers believe he is? Time spent on a project that fails to produce results is time wasted.

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