The Balloon World Cup’s Meteoric Rise To Prominence As Your New Favorite Sport

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Who hasn’t started an impromptu game of keep-ups with a balloon at a kids’ party? It’s entertaining, addictive, and competitive. That same game recently had its own World Cup, which Peru won after a thrilling final in front of a sell-out crowd in Spain and an estimated eight million Twitch viewers.

At the PortAventura theme park, 32 teams of competitive balloonists from across the world were invited to put their skills to the test in a contest to be declared global champions. A automobile is positioned in the middle of the track in the latter rounds, which is odd, but every successful sport requires a sponsor.

The rules are simple: the balloon must always be struck vertically, and if it strikes the floor, a point is awarded. Matches take two to five minutes, and the player who is ahead when the clock runs out wins. Similarly to squash, contestants must not obstruct their opponent’s path to the balloon.

A final between Francesco De la Cruz of Peru and Jan Spiess of Germany. And the 300 spectators (including Sergio Agüero and Jordi Alba) got their money’s worth as the players hurled themselves around the court in tremendous style, bouncing off furniture and toppling chairs in an electrifying display. And it was De la Cruz, who came out on top after skilfully employing the car for balloon drop-off. “I am very, very happy, I thank God that I have been able to achieve this,” he gushed after lifting the golden balloon (the Balloon d’Or?) and earning a cool €10,000.

source : Guardian sport

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