Solskjær Shrugs Off Manchester United Supporters’ Jeers, Saying, “We Played Well”

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Manchester United fought back from a 2-0 deficit to beat Atalanta with to Cristiano Ronaldo’s late winner, while Ole Gunnar Solskjær shrugged off half-time jeers.

As the players walked off at halftime, jeers erupted across the stadium, with United’s fans furious with their team’s dismal first-half performance in the third Champions League Group F match.

However, when asked about the supporters’ reaction, Solskjær said:“The crowd here are the best in the world and of course there are times when you think you’re a bit down as a supporter but they keep going.”

Solskjær also cut off a question regarding his players performing for him following a poor run that had featured only two wins in the previous seven games. “Don’t even start, don’t disrespect the players,” he said.

source : Guardian sport

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