Cristiano Ronaldo Is Unavoidably The Leading Man In A Cinematic Thriller

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Cristiano Ronaldo made one of those half-runs, the run that isn’t quite the run, with nine minutes to go on a thrilling, increasingly crazy night at Old Trafford, then prolonged his stride as he picked up the flight of the ball from Luke Shaw’s boot on the left wing.

The mathematics of flight, speed, timing, gravity, contact, and the millions of equations and muscle mnemonics that go into making these moments work is one of Ronaldo’s strong suits.
Ronaldo was clear of Merih Demiral and into the Old Trafford air with two fast steps and a right foot press. When Ronaldo does this, things start to happen. Time drags on. Objects, bodies, and pressure all appear to vanish, and he’s suddenly the only one in the room, alone in all that air, with the game in his hands.

What a great, open, and exciting game. Yet, for long stretches in the first half, when United trailed 2-0 en way to a 3-2 victory, there was something eerie about it. It felt like an anatomy of this bizarre red machine towards the end: so brittle, so prone to collapsing, the one-punch knockout artist who appears to spend extended stretches of each match gassed out on his feet. It was suspenseful and cinematic. But where is this all leading?

source : Guardian sport

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