Video: Pastor Hypes Naira Marley During Sermon, Says He’s Smart Despite Smoking Weed

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A white garment church pastor included Naira Marley in his sermon notes and message to the congregation while telling them Naira Marley is intelligent despite being a marijuana smoker.

He used the lyrics of Naira Marley’s song Aye to buttress his point while singing it to them. His words:

That boy only smokes weed but he is very intelligent. He is very intelligent (Starts singing) Aye yi o le(This life is not hard) Aye lo n maye le(It’s humans that make life hard) Eyin le ma sin iya yin(You are the ones that will bury your mothers) He them went on to ask ; ‘Wouldn’t you want to be the ones to bury your mothers?’

The congregation responded with a loud Yes, they would.

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