“Liverpool Keep Finding A Way”-Reactions To Action Packed Win At Atletico

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“They just won the balls and we didn’t do the correct stuff anymore,” Jurgen Klopp told BT Sport. We went for the simple pass, but we had to stay within the lines. The last line was quite lengthy. Then they arrived with wing-backs and midfielders, and instead of accelerating, we stayed put. They wanted the game to be slow, so that’s what they got. That was the reason for the shift in the momemtum.

“I saw it and our penalty is a penalty. I think the other one is not a penalty but I didn’t expect it. I think it’s the right decision. The red card was for sure unlucky but it is a red card. A foot in the face. It can happen. It was a tough game. Honestly, how we win it, I couldn’t care less! On a night like this, getting three points is really nice.”

Regarding Diego Simeone’s refusal to shake his hand:
“We don’t like it, but the situation is undeniable. I’d like to extend a handshake to him. His reaction, like mine, was definitely not cool. We will absolutely shake hands the next time we see each other. It’s insignificant. He was clearly enraged, not at me, but at the game. Nothing else exists.”

Source: BBC Sport

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