If You’re Attacked, You Have To Protect Yourself, Christian Horner Says

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‘Our determination means we’ve got a chance, a true chance, of delivering a world championship this year and we’re going to give it everything to achieve that,”

As the team principal of Red Bull, Christian Horner looks ahead to the final six races of the grand prix season, he says. The Formula One circus arrives in Austin, Texas, for the US Grand Prix on Sunday, with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen leading the driver’s standings. Verstappen, who has now won seven races for Horner’s resurgent squad this season, leads Lewis Hamilton and his typically powerful Mercedes car by by six points.

If Verstappen and Red Bull win the title this year, Horner believes “it will be our biggest achievement. If you look at the strength of Mercedes, and the dominance they’ve had, it’s clear that nobody’s come near them for years. No one has put them under this kind of pressure at this stage of the season so it will be an enormous achievement if we pull it off.”

Source : Guardian sport

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