After The Triumph, Lazio’s Luiz Felipe Apologized For Jumping On Inter’s Correa

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Luiz Felipe, a Lazio defender, has apologized for climbing on the back of Internazionale’s Joaqun Correa, a former teammate, as he celebrated his team’s 3-1 victory in Rome on Saturday. Correa responded aggressively, resulting in a brawl between opposing players, and Luiz Felipe was sent out at the Stadio Olimpico before crying his way off the pitch.

“I would like to comment on the negative effects regarding what happened today, at the end of the game,’” Felipe, who represented Brazil at under-20 and under-23 level, wrote. “First of all, I want to clarify that I have great respect for Inter … We are all professionals, working to pursue our goals, and would never fail to respect another professional.

“At the end of the game I jumped on Tucu’s shoulders because he is one of the great friends that football has given me. Our families are friends and we have always been very close … I wanted to hug him and joke about the result, as far as our friendship allows, but I got excited.

“Perhaps, in retrospect, it was not the best time or the most suitable place. I apologise to anyone who felt offended and I did not try, in any way, to be disrespectful towards him, towards other athletes or towards Internazionale and its passionate fans. It was an innocent act, by a person who has a great affection for Tucu !!” he wrote on his Instagram page

source : Guardian sport

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