PSG’s Acquisition Of Sergio Ramos Is Proving To Be A Nightmare

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After three months, the former Real Madrid centre-back has yet to kick a ball for his new team, and he’s recently suffered another injury setback.
Sergio Ramos’ absence from Friday’s Ligue 1 match against Angers was news that Paris Saint-Germain fans were both anticipating and fearful about.

Ramos has not played a single minute for PSG’s first squad since joining the Ligue 1 club on July 8, 2021 under the freedom of contract conditions from Real Madrid.

Indeed, he has only managed five club matches in the entire calendar year of 2021.

He’s been in the French capital for three months and is going through a torturous sequence of seemingly approaching action just to have his calf ailment resurface.

And this despite genuine claims that the player’s physical condition astounded PSG’s medical experts, who has spent much of his absence sharing videos of himself in terrific shape in the gym.

Ramos’ absence is proving to be an expensive issue for his club, despite his rich deal.

The central defensive legend has had to endure a lot since arriving in France, and the last week has been no exception. He was expected to play, only for reports on Wednesday to surface that he would not be able to, followed by a club statement 24 hours later confirming the news.

“Sergio Ramos will continue to train individually under the control of the medical and performance staff for another 10 days with the objective of returning to collective training,” PSG announced on Thursday.Ominously, “the objective” indicates that there is no guarantee that one of the greatest defenders of the 21st century will even be fit at that point.

In the meantime, he will miss three more games, including the grudge match with Marseille next Sunday, meaning that he will have watched 14 in total from the stands.

“For a football player, being in his situation is not easy,” head coach Mauricio Pochettino lamented on Thursday during the traditional pre-match press conference. “He suffers from not being able to play but he is mentally strong. He has the support of the whole club through this moment. We hope to see him soon.”

Pochettino also stated that he has “no doubt” that Sergio Ramos will “return to his best level,” but if this is true, he will be in the minority in France.

Indeed, the Argentine intimated in an interview with Movistar + that he has reservations about the Spaniard.

“Maybe the reality of Sergio Ramos is different from that of 2014 or that of Lionel Messi or Neymar,” he said. “These footballers are great champions but they have to get used to reality. We all have in mind that they have been the best, but they have to get to that level.”

After all, the warning flags were present during his final season with Real Madrid. While Ramos missing 30 games for Real Madrid last season was uncharacteristic of a warrior with a remarkable physical record throughout the course of a grueling career, it should be noted that he is now in his mid-30s.

It’s also worth noting that, while Real Madrid was willing to keep him, they only offered him a one-year contract. He is expected to stay at PSG until at least 2023.

“Real Madrid didn’t extend his contract for many reasons. He was not called up to the European Championship with Spain. These are signs that never fail,” former PSG star Jerome Rothen told Le10Sport in mid-September after Ramos had suffered yet another relapse.

“We have the right to ask questions. And the answers worry me. If I was a director, a coach or even one of his team-mates, I would have the same concern.

“I would say to myself: ‘At his age, when you see the physical problems he’s had for a year, will he find his best level?’

“Having Ramos at 60 per cent, I don’t see the point. You have him so he’s good on the pitch and performs as well as he did during his great years with Real Madrid.

“And especially that he brings you this aura in the locker room, this desire to win, this competitive spirit … that I have no doubt about, but if he is at 60% on the field or that he misses a lot of matches, how can he have an important role in the locker room? It’s impossible!”

There are voices still speaking up in defence of PSG and Ramos, such as Eric Di Meco, another former Parisian star, but these are dwindling.

Speaking to RMC, he said: “Sergio Ramos did not come here to be top halfway through the season. I think he will be put to the service of PSG. We can talk about it in May.”

Shortly after the official announcement that he would not be fit to play against Angers, Ramos took to Instagram to post an image of himself at training with three muscle-flexing emojis.

Until he is more visible on the field than he is on social media, he is more likely to be remembered as a vlogger than a player at PSG.

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