Alexander Zverev Applauds The ATP’s Inquiry Into Complaints Of Abuse

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Alexander Zverev said it was about time that the ATP looked into allegations of domestic violence against him. In an interview with Slate magazine in August, the world No 4’s ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova said that the German was emotionally and physically violent to her during their relationship.

The ATP had come under fire for failing to investigate the allegations until Monday, when the men’s tennis governing body confirmed it was initiating an investigation. The Olympic gold medalist has refuted the charges on numerous occasions and now expects an ATP inquiry to vindicate his name.

“Bloody [time] finally to be honest,” said Zverev, during his news conference ahead of the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. “I have been asking them myself for months now. I have been asking them to do that since London last year because it is very hard for me to clear my name.

“Only with something like this I can. It has been around for a year and there is not much more I can do to clear my name and I hope this will finally do it.”

The 24-year-old has “categorically and unequivocally” denied abusing Sharypova, and his attorneys said in August that they had filed a lawsuit against the source of the allegations. Slate put out a statement defending its “fair and accurate reporting.”

“I have been in court in Germany which I won the case against the author,” said Zverev. “I have proven I am innocent in a lot of different ways. I think with this investigation that is now finally happening I hope this can be done and dusted from a third individual party and we can move on with everything else.”

source : Guardian sport

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