Smart Headbands Claim To Make People Calmer Than Usual, See Why

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Several individuals admitted that the high-tech headband makes them feel so cool wearing it, due to its ability to make individuals calm.

The headband can be used as a neurofeedback or EEG (electroencephalogram) device.

Growing in popularity among sports people, they measure the wearer’s brainwaves.As a stressed brain gives off more waves or signals, due to increased electrical activity, the idea is, that, together with meditation, the headbands can help the user train him or herself to be calmer.

And then in turn boost their performance.

The headbands encourage people to work towards “norms” for an average brain, a user had said.

“This can leave some people feeling over or under stimulated after using them – perhaps because their brains don’t quite fit the ‘average’ brain,” she adds.

“Whilst some people find measurements useful or reinforcing, many are attracted to ‘neuro-tech’ because they identify with a vulnerability, an anxiety about their performance, and the use of data can exacerbate this.”

Measuring one’s mindfulness against an average, misses the point, she says which is “to only listen to yourself.””In addition, there is no such thing as ‘ideal relaxation’ or ‘problematic stress levels scores’ because every person is different.”

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