Andy Murray Will Not Play In The Davis Cup And Claims He Does Not Deserve To Be Chosen

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Following his setback in Indian Wells, Andy Murray has decided not to play in the Davis Cup next month, claiming that he did not deserve to be nominated in the first place.

After a straight-sets loss to world No. 4 Alexander Zverev, the former world No. 1 exited the BNP Paribas Open in California. The 34-year-defeat old’s brings an end to a solid two months of action in Europe and the United States, and he is unwilling to risk injury by competing in the team tournament.

Murray’s rehabilitation from hip replacement was further slowed two years ago when he suffered bruising to his pelvis in the 2019 Davis Cup, which significantly limited his 2020 activities. Murray wants to make sure he gets adequate rest and spends time with his family at the end of next month before flying to Australia for the grand slam in January.

“I’ve given a lot to the Davis Cup, and sometimes to my own detriment physically,” he told BBC Sport. “The same thing happened last time I played Davis Cup at the end of 2019. I know there was coronavirus, but I was struggling with that really up until September time the following year.

“I also don’t feel right now I would be playing, either. Obviously that would be up to Leon [Smith, the GB captain], but I’m not sure I deserve to play in that team. Cam [Norrie] and Dan [Evans] have had a great year, Liam Broady’s in and around the top 100 now and we’ve got very strong doubles as well.

“Right now, I’m not planning on playing the Davis Cup and with the late finish to it, and early departure to Australia, with my schedule between now and the end of the year, I am going to have to rest and take a break and give my body a chance to breathe.

“And I want to make sure in the off-season I get to spend as much time with my family as I can because I have been away from that recently and that will be the case when I go to Australia as well.”

source : Guardian sport

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