How Much Failure Is Actually A Failure?

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Assigning a proper and adequate meter to some variables can be the core of the problem of inaccurate measurement. The standard with which we use in rating a particular thing can constitute a serious issue. Of greater concern is when we try to measure totally abstract quantities like love, hate, failure, care, success and the likes.

At what point can one be correctly deemed a failure? After how many attempts can we resign ourselves to being failures? What is the excellent definition of failure? There are just too many dictionaries that has indexed the word failure. However, is there any globally certified definition?

Considering the present state of things in the world, it is quite understandable why there are so many negative emotions flying around in the atmosphere. It is no surprise that most people have their motivation level well in the ground. Their enthusiasm is has been quite weakened and there is quite a very little space for optimism.

Still, we will all fall way short of our potential and short change ourselves a great deal if we let the reality, though sore as it may be, to cripple our resolve and dampen our courage.

In almost all fascinating and even ordinary success stories, the recurring factors that inspired the success has always been the unwillingness to budge under pressure or succumb to the damning taunts of failure.

A lot of scientist who has some really outstanding inventions or discoveries will always recount how many times they had hit a brick wall or experienced a free fall from what little success they had made. A very popular one is that of the inventor of the light bulb. He is said to have attempted for more than a thousand times.

Would anyone today tag him as one who had failed. In actual sense, he did not meet success for quite a significant number of trials. Yet today, we all see him as being a successful person. Why?

The simple answer is this, he was not concerned with how many times he failed. He never stopped trying. He kept pressing at his cause irrespective of what challenges he faced. Actually, there is no one or any corporate body or organization that has stipulated that after a certain number of failed attempts, one could be classified as a failure.

In many cases, the way we feel and the way we see events in our lives is all subject to how we define some things. The way we choose to see success and failure will go a long way to determining how we feel once we have not reached a major target or achieved a goal.

Alternatively, rather than muse over how often we come short, we can glean from these experiences, mark out our shortcomings, identify our weaknesses and relaunch. Feeling low and down because of failure does not solve the problem. Refusing to pick ourselves up after life has given us a knock will not lead us to any where tangible neither will it stop us from experiencing further pains.

As such, failure as it has very often been described will only meet us once we refuse to try again. How many times we have slide down does not matter as far as we begin climbing again.

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