Hannes Thor Halldorsson: Iceland Goalkeeping Hero And Filmmaker

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Icelandic goalie Hannes Thor Halldorsson’s life story reads like a sports movie scenario.

In his early twenties, he retired from football. Then he returned, made his international debut at the age of 28, was a member of the team that defeated England at Euro 2016, and saved a penalty from Lionel Messi in Iceland’s first-ever World Cup match.

“It would make a bad script for a movie,” the 37-year-old said. “People probably wouldn’t believe it.”

Perhaps it’s because of his life experiences that he’s such a good storyteller.

He recently directed and co-wrote Cop Secret, an Icelandic LGBTQ+ action comedy that gained international acclaim and had its world debut at the BFI Festival in London.

Source: BBC Sport

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