Lewis Hamilton Is ‘Frustrated’ That He Didn’t Follow His Gut At The Turkish Grand Prix, But Mercedes Defend Their Pit-Call

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“Frustrated” is a word that comes to mind when describing someone who is Although Toto Wolff justified the pit decision facing the possibility of a “catastrophic” race retirement, Lewis Hamilton believes he should have overridden his Mercedes team and not stopped at the Turkish Grand Prix.

Following a dramatic and contentious conclusion to a brilliant recovery effort, Hamilton’s two-point championship advantage over Max Verstappen was reduced to a six-point deficit when the seven-time world champion and Mercedes couldn’t agree on strategy.

With only eight laps to go, Hamilton was third behind Verstappen and, having already disobeyed previous directives to change his intermediate tyres, appeared willing to commit to the whole 58 laps without stopping. However, Hamilton consented to stop, relegating him to fifth place, where he would complete the rainy Istanbul Park race.

Hamilton calmed down slightly after the race, but still felt his team made the wrong call.

“I feel like I should have stayed out,” Hamilton told F1. “My gut feeling was to stay out, and I feel like that’s what I should have done. So I’m frustrated in myself for not following my gut.”

Asked by Sky F1 if his tyres could have lasted the whole race, Hamilton said: “[Esteban] Ocon’s did, so they probably could.

“It felt good to be in third and I thought if I just hold onto this, this will be a great result [starting] from 11th. This is worse, but it could be worse.”

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