Go Ahead, Keep Pushing, You Will Get There

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This topic brings to mind a popular song by Aaliyah, the song artist. It’s titled “try again”….a line in the lyrics resonates distinctly. It goes “ if first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”.
This hits, right? Yes, it definitely does because see, someone really needs to know and be duly reminded that there is a second chance; to right a wrong, prepare for an opportunity, win or succeed. Life always offer second chances.

You know when a person sets out to do something, he’s got this great idea and then a plan. He goes ahead to put his plans to action. He has zeal, courage and absolute faith that he is going to succeed and completely believes in it. Now having had enough fuel he embarks on his journey of achievement. But while on course, he meets a setback; determined he pushes forward, however another comes, then another and another, until he is overwhelmed. He is met with his first failure. And this becomes the beginning of a new phase for him.

Now, this sounds like the story of a whole lot of persons who have set out to accomplish one thing or the other.

As we all know, there is no smooth ride to success. Achievement of a goal or bringing a vision to reality is no mean feat. If we want to achieve one thing or the other, we have to know that accomplishing that one thing would not be an easy, even though it is achievable. At one point you will experience fear, doubts; worse, you may end up failing at that thing when you first begin. But always remember, this is a phase. And in every phase of life, there will be mistakes and lessons to be gleaned from all our experiences.

As we proceed on our journey to great accomplishments, our character must be strengthened, we become more dogged, patient and resilient, in fact, we get to learn a whole lot. Often this is to help us brace for more of life’s storms that comes with the achievement of more things, or in getting from one level to another. And this can only happen if we are faced with hurdles. There is not so much to learn from smooth rides.

To fact check the path to greatness or success, take a cursory case of those who have succeeded. You will see, they have a long history of failures. A typical example is Thomas Edison. But then his massive come back is what we get to enjoy today; the electricity.

If you have experienced failure in business or one growth plan or the other and because of that you have been hesitant to begin again; please, go ahead. Take those steps again, unsure, afraid and uncertain. Because you’ve definitely got this.

Look at the flip side of setbacks, from your first experience you know now the path you should not take and the actions and decisions you should not make. You know how well to do a particular thing now. This is enough reason not to allow the fear of failure stop you. Failures, obstacles, setbacks are a part of success. You would not call yourself a successful person if you have not experienced any of this. It is life’s way of showing us that nothing good comes easy, that the way up is not a smooth ride.

Shake off that feeling that numbs you anytime you want to begin again; that fear that tends to cripple you anytime you want to start fresh. Perhaps you have had people who believed in your dream and vision at the onset when you took this path, but when expectations were not met, they backed out. The members of the board of trustees who keyed in to the vision at first left, some friends asked for their money and no one believed in you again.

If such is your case, I want to tell you that there is hope for you. So long as the man living within isn’t conquered yet then there is definitely hope. It is why hope must be kept alive come what may. You have the vision, you see the end game in your mind’s eye. The person sitting beside you might not have the same foresight as you. This is why you must keep at it, and decide to achieve that goal no matter how impossible it may look to others.

Just like the lyrics of the song at the beginning of this article goes, if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. You keep trying until you get the results you need. If you fall, stand up and get right back on track. If you are having cold feet, or you are afraid. I’m here to tell you that you should get on with your dream, because “you’ve got this”. Go ahead with that plan, push that vision into reality, because you have definitely got this friend and nothing can stop you if you just make a move.

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