Video: Brutal Flogging Of Madrasa Students In Kwara: Celebrities React

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This video went viral on Nigerian Twitter yesterday evening and this morning and it has provoked the following reactions.

Nigerian celebrities, Charles Inojie and Gbenga Adeyinka, have called on the Kwara State government to investigate the brutal flogging of some madrasa students in the state by their senior colleagues. Since the video made rounds on the internet, it has sparked outrage due to the way the students, both male and female, were severely beaten.

It was gathered that the students were severely beaten because they went to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Pictures of the birthday celebration were posted online. However, their teacher saw the post and thought they drank alcohol, but they only had yoghurt. Nigerian celebrities have condemned the action while some called on the state government to investigate the matter.

Taking to his verified Instagram page with video snippets of the incident, popular Nigerian actor, Charles Inojie, while urging the state government to investigate the incident, wrote,

“How could any school authority find justification for this? Which parent would see slide four and be able to sleep well at night, and to think that their teachers are there watching with glee and urging the assailants on is all the more heartbreaking. “Whatever offence they might have committed, the school should have other means of administering discipline than this brazen display of barbarism. I hear this happened in Ilorin.

Oya, Kwara State government over to you. You have a duty to redeem yourself before the whole world otherwise you would only have succeeded in raising hardened criminals that would turn around to terrorise society tomorrow. SAY NO TO BRUTALITY. SAY NO TO MAN’S INHUMANITY TO MAN. SAY NO TO VIOLENCE. SAY NO TO TORTURE.” (sic).

Also, funnyman, Gbenga Adeyinka, while condemning the act, described the flogging of the students as dehumanising and criminal. He further tagged the Kwara State government on the post to draw their attention to the situation. He said,

“This is not just animalistic, it is criminal. Nobody has a right to mete out such punishment on a fellow human being under any guise. They even beat a lady and one bastard is in the background urging them on saying “ẹ nọ̀”. “We will now complain that people are beheading and carrying out dastardly acts against other Nigerians when we are actually breeding hardened criminals in the name of religion. Shame! the Kwara state govt must get to the root of this and bring out the culprits as well as teachers to face the full wrath of the law.” (sic).

Ace actress, Monalisa Chinda Coker, while fuming over the incident, wrote,

“The heart of man… so over the top wicked.. so one person can’t do the flogging? They must be 4,5 plus the koboko join… then they go and pray after one hour … smh so vigorously.” (sic)

Comedian Nedu simply wrote that he feels disgusted watching the video. He said,

“OMG. I am gutted looking at this.”


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