Reno Omokri: Singer Salle’s Undefiled Innocence Should Not Be Spoilt

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Reno Omokri has warned that for Salle should not be made to deviate from her talent after recent pictures of her radical transformation surfaced online.

News about Salle, a 17-year-old Nigerian female hawker, went viral some weeks ago after she was filmed singing with a very beautiful musical voice which caught the attention of both local and international musicians who indicated interest in helping her music career. Sharing Salle’s ‘Then vs Now pictures, Reno wrote on Instagram;

“May God bless and prosper her. I prefer her former look. Her talent is her voice, and her grass to grace story is her appeal. I hope those managing her don’t strip her of that undefiled innocence we saw barely a month ago.

That unspoilt, pure innocence is her ticket to the top! There are so many artistes with sex appeal. That field is crowded. Adele set the record for longest-charting album by a female solo artist without losing her innocence. And I am confident Salle can go far with it. #RenosNuggets #FreeLeahSharibu”

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