Premier League Clubs Complain About Newcastle Takeover

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Premier League teams have lodged a complaint with the Premier League after it approved a £305 million takeover of Newcastle United by a Saudi Arabian-backed entity.

Clubs are said to be dissatisfied with how the arrangement passed the owners’ and directors’ tests. Concerns were also raised about why they were not told after the shocking news on Wednesday.

There are also concerns about the league’s image being tarnished by Saudi Arabian owners. The kingdom is associated to a number of human rights issues. Clubs have demanded a meeting with the Premier League, which had stated that the takeover process would be kept private.

All 19 other Premier League clubs are enraged with the Premier League board, believing they should have been kept informed about such a major issue. The clubs also believe they should have been informed of the changes in order for the contract to move through before it was finalized.

The Premier League said in accepting the takeover on Thursday that it had acquired legal guarantees from the new owners that the Saudi state would not have control over Newcastle United and that if this was proven, there would be consequences.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, chaired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, provided 80% of the funding for the takeover.

Source: BBC Sport

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