A Nevada Judge Has Recommended That Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rape Lawsuit Be Dismissed

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A Nevada magistrate judge has sided with Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers in a case brought by a woman who claimed the player assaulted her in Las Vegas in 2009.

On Wednesday, magistrate judge Daniel Albregts issued a scathing recommendation to the judge hearing the case, accusing Kathryn Mayorga’s attorney, Leslie Mark Stovall, of basing the case on leaked and stolen documents that Albregts claimed were privileged communications between Ronaldo and his lawyers.

“Dismissing Mayorga’s case for the inappropriate conduct of her attorney is a harsh result,” Albregts wrote in his recommendation to Judge Jennifer Dorsey. “But it is, unfortunately, the only appropriate sanction to ensure the integrity of the judicial process.”

A date for Dorsey to take up Albregt’s recommendation was not immediately set. “Stovall has acted in bad faith to his client’s and his profession’s detriment,” Albregts decided.

source : Guardian sport

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