The Path Worth Taking Is Never The Straight One

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“Must life always be this hard?” Here is a question that nearly all grown adults have asked once or more Within the course of their lives here in this adventurous planet. Troubles, trials and challenges of various dimensions and magnitude keep punctuating our lives from time to time. A period of victory and happiness barely last few days before another huge hindrance lands on our path.

“Why are there just too many things to handle?” “Why can’t we simply live life at ease?” These are still questions of discomfort that we cannot help asking frequently. Honestly, a huge percentage of people feel that life is too hard and unfair. It seems like the whole negative forces in world are converging against us.

We all seek and want the easy way out from life’s stressors. We pray and hope for smooth sailing. We do not want to have all the bumps, hurdles and hold-ups that are constantly plaguing our existence. There are those who constantly reaffirm that they do not want to stressful. The truth is, no body enjoys a stress.

In the midst of all these desires, wishes and fantasies, reality has answers for us. The bitter truth is that there is never a worthy path devoid of hiccups and stumbling blocks. There are very few if any thing worthwhile that we can achieve by simply crossing our legs and picking out teeth. Effort and commitment produce results.

Even in the presence of great effort and serious commitment, we still have to fend off life’s bullets and darts aimed at us in form of challenges and pauses along the way. Never has greatness been offered on a platter of gold and never has exploits been done in the absence of resilience, perseverance and grit.

We have to pass through the path of success and the path of success need to pass through us. We have to yield a part of ourselves to the pursuit our goals and dreams. Very frequently we hear people use the palace; “no pain, no gain”. Something is down for something to be reaped. What we all refer to investment in our businesses is actually us giving something out in order to reap rewards and this is common and repeated in all other aspects of life.

We could build our confidence and grow our resolve by equally some other questions. For instance; “Why are there just a few very successful people in one endeavour or another?”, “Why is it that not many people get to the top of their careers or businesses?” “Why do we have these rough paths and bumpy ride?”

It might interest us to know that goal attainment is a very intentional pursuit. We can only get a many things as we demand for and this demand is express through determination and effort. The fact not only few persons go ahead to make waves life is a proof that not everyone can persist on the path.

After just scaling a few hurdles, many people get tired and give up upon meeting higher, bigger hurdles without realizing that the prize is actually waiting on the other side of the hurdle. The probability is simply obvious. The more the hurdles and the higher they are, the greater the reward and the better we become.

No one can manipulate the forces of nature and we cannot choose mediocrity and expect excellence. When we chicken out, life takes back its offers, when we push forward, life presents us with more and more offers. There is something really interesting about life; we can do absolutely anything we please. There are no compulsion about life.

However, garbage in garbage, out is the language very familiar in computing. It is not that much different in life. How much we invest, determines how much we take out. How long we choose to walk the uncomfortable path tells how great our rewards will be. The good thing is, we can scale all the obstacles on the path. And the more obstacles we scale, the better equipped we are to scale higher ones.

Certainly, we can become whatever and whoever we decide to become, but in doing this, we have to be determined to follow the rough path. Truthfully, there are no smoother paths and the ones that look smooth, do not lead to anywhere worth going.

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