Our Choices In Life Can Either Make Us Victim Of Failure Or Icon Of Hope

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Choice is one thing that man has been blessed with. Our nature affords us the beautiful privilege of making choices. We can choose to feel a certain way or not, act a certain way or not, speak a certain way or not. We are blessed with different options to choose from. Man has been given the liberty to be driver of his own life. We are products of our choices.

Once adulthood is attained, virtually all major decisions fall on our laps. Freedom, some may call this, but in truth this freedom can be a burden, this liberty can turn slavery, this blessing can become a curse. All these outcomes are possible and they are determined by how well we decide to use our ability to choose.

One of the worst thing that can happen to a person is loosing the ability to make choices. This situation is totally bad and can be so frustrating. With this freedom of choice, some have chosen different response to events of failure in their lives. Some persons have been terrified by failure and have recoiled back into their shells. Some have taken failure as a challenge and forge ahead to prove themselves.

We can become victims of misfortune or we can become icons of hope. It is all about the choice we make. While navigating our way through life, we will meet failure at one point or another, in one form or another whether we like it or not. On encountering failure, a number of responses are possible. Self-doubt, inferiority, courage, indifference and so on can come up.

The response we give to failure to a great extent determine the outcome of our lives. What actions follow after we have been knocked-down by failure will show progressive or regressive the rest of our lives will become. Positivity or negativity are both possible reactions to failure.

Many of us feel life is too unfair to us, that we have been made to suffer too much, that we deserve better. As such, once we meet with failure we tend to react very negatively towards it. We feel sore and sorry. We become angry at life and with ourselves. Sometimes we become withdrawn and begin to wallow in self-pity. We feel oppressed and deprived.

The feeling of being victimized by forces of life gets enhanced if we happen to see others person who are making it much easier and cheaper. We may even get overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Yes, life has dealt us heavy blows just like many other people. However, it is our choice to roll on the canvas rather than make a fist and get our feet a back on the ground.

Conversely, we have another possible way of dealing with unfavourable events in our lives. Still on the issue if choice, we can decide to prove to life that we are no pushovers and minnows. That we do not settle for less and that we refuse to be subjects and victims but rather to be victors and achievers.

Where do we start from? The mind. Almost all choices as well as other things stem from the mind. So, we decide to be positive. We decide to make the best out of our failed attempts. We sit back, analyse the situation, what went wrong and why things could not work out. We figure out our weaknesses, work on them and re-evaluate our every move.

From this point of reflection and planning, we restart. We launch a fresh attempt, applying all the lessons learnt from the failed experiences, avoiding all the pitfalls and dangers signs we noticed and putting in even greater effort.

Assuredly, with a mindset as this, it is only a matter of time before we have achieved all the things we set out to achieve because even when we fail again, we can always try again with a better strategy and a more resolute determination.

Whether we will be called a victim or a victor is for our choosing. Importantly, both are possibilities. Possibilities that we have time liberty of deciding. Among the key drivers of success is hope. That conviction that better things still lie ahead. That unwavering resolve that we can get to where we want.

Clearly, we have the power to decide lying within is. What is left is for us to decide to use it and in what way we will use it. We can join the multitude of people who have crafted wonderful excuses and explanation of how unfair life has been to them. At the same time, we can stand apart with those who have learnt and chose to pick up the pieces and retry. So, becoming sorry victims or victorious icons of hope is all our choice to make.

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