150 Freezing Migrants Shiver On The Deck Of A Ship Belonging To Nottingham Forest Owner Evangelos Marinakis

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After discovering more than 150 migrants on a sinking ship in the Mediterranean, a yacht belonging to the owner of Nottingham Forest and Olympiacos rescued them.

Evangelos Marinakis, a shipping magnate, became Forest’s primary stakeholder in 2017, and his crude oil tanker Aristofanis was on its way to Egypt from Italy on Friday.

According to sources, its crew raised the alert after spotting a 15-meter wooden boat floating south of the Greek Peloponnese peninsula.

They were at sea for four days, according to Alarm Phone, a help line for those coming into the EU. During the rescue, a pregnant woman apparently slipped into the sea while within reach of assistance.

When a crew member saw the woman fall, navy and air force helicopters were dispatched, but she was never discovered.

Before returning to Egypt, Aristofanis traveled to Palaiochora in Crete to return the migrants to dry land.

Source: Daily Mail

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