Premier League Will Demand Answers From Spurs Over Why They’re Not Sticking To Heading Limits In Training

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After Nuno Espirito Santo admitted the team is defying the guidance, the Premier League will question Tottenham Hotspur about why they aren’t adopting heading limits in training.

The FA has taken a dim view of a club admitting they are not adhering to the rules, which were put in place to protect players amid concerns of a dementia link.

At the outset of the season, it was suggested that professional players limit themselves to 10 high-force headers every week. Tottenham aren’t counting headers in training, according to Nuno, and sources claim they aren’t alone.

In his pre-match press conference before of Sunday’s North London derby with Arsenal, Nuno bemoaned Tottenham’s set-piece defence this season. When asked how they can develop when there are limitations, he replied, ‘That’s why we conduct training sessions where no one can see us.’

Source: Daily Mail

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