There Is ‘Asensio Case’ In Real Madrid

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According to Antón Meana’s information on Monday, “there is a Marco Asensio case.” “This week appears critical” for Asensio’s future at the white club, according to the journalist in the show El Larguero, because his situation “begins to be tricky.”

“Marco is not Isco, Marco is not Marcelo, Marco is called teams, Marco has offers, Marco is not finished, and neither he nor his surroundings comprehend the position that Ancelotti assigns him, that weird preoccupation with seeing him in the game.” Halftime at 4-3-3, a position he has never played before.

Although they have no one to blame for the time being, least of all Carletto, and it is clear that there is still work to be done during the year, this week appears to be crucial,” stated Meana to Manu Carreo.

Source: Candenser

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