Surprises As Man City Was Held At Home By The Saints With A Denial Of A Spot Kick To The Visitor

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When we were all riled up about VAR every week, it seemed like a lifetime ago. In truth, it’s only been a month or two since the all-new common sense method to refereeing was launched, and the video referee was relegated to Stockley Park’s obscurity. We’d nearly forgotten how enjoyable a good VAR rant could be.

But here was one from the good old days, with the match turning in the 61st minute, like a sepia-tinted nostalgia fest. Kyle Walker lunged in quite recklessly to stop Adam Armstrong as he broke dangerously into the City penalty area, gaining far more man than ball.

Referee Jon Moss immediately awarded a penalty before dismissing Walker. After a long wait, we received the notification “VAR checking penalty.” Which is odd in and of itself, given that all penalties are verified. It cannot be stressed enough how poor the user experience is for fans in the stadium, who are left to guess and puzzle things out.

Ralph Hassenhuttl was a generous person. ‘We have the impression that it [the penalty award] was not a plainly incorrect judgement. When the referee believes it is, he must override it, which he did, which is unfortunate for us…’

That was the pinnacle of the drama. There was very little else to be enthusiastic about. Except for 90 minutes before a flag was raised and checks were done on an industrial site in west London, when City hailed a winner.

Source: Daily Mail

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