Man City Fans’ Songs About Empty Seats At The Etihad And Pep Guardiola Show A Classic Mancunian

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Around these parts, they’re really good at self-deprecating wit. It’s almost a prerequisite for becoming a Mancunian. Apart from that, have fun with your football.

So Pep Guardiola, who has always made it plain that he understands Manchester City’s culture and history, could have predicted what happened seconds after kick-off in the noisy safe standing area of a packed Etihad Stadium.

They sing about having enjoyed excursions to Rotterdam, Monaco, Napoli, and Rome – a tribute to European travels – before concluding the song by addressing their main source of naysayers’ criticism. And, as it turned out in the middle of the week, their manager as well.

On the eve of this draw with Southampton, Guardiola sought to clarify his words, and his reasoning was shown on a day when the reigning champions struggled. As Guardiola predicted, Ralph Hasenhuttl’s team was outstanding.

However, City’s manager practically found himself appealing for fans to show up, only to have his own team fail to do so. This was not a good way to end a difficult week for anybody associated with the club, no matter how exaggerated some may believe the situation had become.

Source: Daily Mail

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