Jonathan Van-Tam Sends Message To Premier League Footballers In Bid To Explode Anti-Vax Myth

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Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam, Boston United’s most renowned supporter, is noted for his colorful vocabulary. In a letter advising Premier League players to disregard falsehoods about the Covid-19 vaccine, he could not be more honest.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that in a video intended to present footballers with the “scientific data they need” to urge them to be vaccinated, Van-Tam has assured them that he will “not mince things.”

Because of vaccine apprehension among Premier League and Football League players, the professor of health protection recorded the personalized message.

In an attempt to persuade players to get poked, he introduces himself as a Boston season-ticket holder and football lover, and directly addresses issues such as heart inflammation.

In the three-minute video, he promises to “be straight with you,” pointing out the risk to their professional careers of getting long Covid and the benefits of immunization, which clubs hope will persuade those still on the fence to get the vaccine.

Source: Daily Mail

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