The Folly Of Making Life A Competition

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Folly in simple terms means “foolishness”. So the topic will be rightly phrased as the foolishness of making life a competition. It is careless and also thoughtless to compete in life, to look at what others are doing and want to do the same thing or strive to acquire whatever possession they have.

The world seems to be in a rush, and it is possible for one to think that he does not have time so he needs to get everything he wants at a particular period. Why? Because everyone is doing it, and most importantly their friends are also going on the same lane. So there is this looming pressure that just makes everyone to be in a hurry.

But who set these standards anyway? Who said you must have a thing at a particular age in order to be successful. And who said that beauty is in being slim or fat? Or your relevance is based on the number of possessions you have? It is this thing, the societal demands, that makes one to run ahead of themselves. To do things they are not supposed to do. In order to get a pat on the back that says welcome to the club.

But this is not life, the grasping and the pursuit of things in order to outwit others is not life. Everything has a particular time, a person’s destiny is different from another. Even siblings do not have the same path, neither do twins. Every person has his own race. You have to realize that there is a particular time for you to achieve one thing or the other. And that not everything is meant for you; you are not on earth to be jack of all trades.

People do not realize that there is no need bringing other people down or compromising their values so as to get a particular thing; and this is what happens when you are in a hurry, always competing. Everything that will seem to delay you for a moment, it has to be cleared.

Whatever the Universe has provided, is enough for every individual. It is ill advised to look on your neighbour’s treasure when you have enough sitting at your store. Most importantly when you are the treasure.

Listen; the lands, cars, resort locations, food and whatever you desire is not going to finish. When it is your time, you will get it. I think why people take life as a competition is that they are not patient enough. They are selfish, greedy and not content. Look at the lives of the people whose uplifting comes from the downfall of others. Those set of persons do not understand their uniqueness, they do not understand why life brought them here. It is why they constantly fight people and constantly want to grasp something so that another person will not be able to get it before them.

But that is foolishness. Anything gotten that way does not last. The Universe eventually resists such people. You are on a a journey in life and as you transverse this life, part of what you will learn is character building. You will not know what patience is until you learn to wait for something. You will not learn contentment neither will you learn gratitude if everything you want comes your way. This is part of life. Life itself demands that each individual learns to wait. It is a process, it is a phase.

The one who skips this process, who hurries through life will end up having problems. His character is not moulded enough, he does not have certain virtues for particular position or possession. And there is something about meeting opportunities unprepared. Having something without working for it. It flies away, the opportunities sometimes become aborted because they meet an unprepared man.

There is no rush, there is not supposed to be any. Each man, with his own journey has a unique significance to the universe. You are to add value, create something and be a light in your own special way even though it means just staying in the house and taking care of your children. You are building destinies. You may not know that when you are just starting out but as life unfolds it begins to reveal the real intent of a thing.

Do not strive to be a copycat of another person. Why be an imitation when you can be an original version? Why want to be a company owner because you feel there is money there when you know your gifts need you to be a nurse?

Do you think you will be able to take up that role? Do you think you will have the patience of enduring failed and broken contracts. People look at results not the process, and the test. They fail to realise that the test, the process, the whole journey make up the results.

Do not let the world define success for you or what is required to be termed successful. Life is a journey, each individual has their unique path to take. Foolishness is when you decide to take another person’s journey and not yours. Foolishness is when you consider or think life is a competition, because it isn’t.

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