Can Life Get Any Worse?

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I would not dare ask the proponent of this question what it means by asking that because at a glance, it is glaring – an obvious thing for one to read and fully comprehend. It is a rhetoric, more of an inner searching and an awareness to identifying with the questionnaire’s deepest need in order to render assistance in any way possible.

In fact, this is a state, a point where one is in despair and cries out for help. It is a situation where one has reached his or her wit’s end and does not know what to do anymore, does not have a sense of direction not because of carelessness but because their mind is too foggy. It is plagued with so many thoughts; their experience so overwhelming that a person would not find it easy to be able to share in their feeling; because no one understands, no one seems to get it. Because life gives them the flip side of the coin, they scream “can it get any worse?”

No it definitely would not. Things get better eventually. A part of life is having the stamina to withstand the turbulence on life’s path. For some persons, that happens once in a life time. For others, it is a misfortune that constantly plagues them. And this is not a cause and effect situation sometimes, often it is an effect where finding the cause seems to be impossible. It is why, life is seen as not fair sometimes.

They say, “it is darkest before dawn”. This is often interpreted as before the greatest breakthrough of a man, that they will come a great storm he would have to face before having that huge leap. It is okay to ask the questions; “Why must it be so?”, “Why can’t life just be a smooth ride?”

Look at it this way, if there is no hurdle and little hiccup here and there; do you think your character will be strengthened? Will you learn to value the things you have now? Are you going to value relationships and learn gratitude? These things happen sometimes, as life’s way of saying; you need to take care of this impatience or you need to be a little bit kind.

Now that is it, and you often find that after a man is able to conquer all the things that plagues him. He seems different, acts different and learns to value whatever he has whether the gift of people or possessions.

Now there is another side to this coin where a man no matter how much he tries and puts in efforts to do a particular thing it seems he is taking three steps backwards. He tries and tries and tries again, but there is no headway. He seems to be constantly plagued by misfortunes.

Now, in situations like this; it is often advised that one changes direction. Misfortunes definitely has a pattern even as do success or breakthrough. It is required that one observes, learns and makes a decision. Life requires from us to sit back, have self assessments and take stock of our lives. Carelessness is highly prohibited if we are to have headway in this thing called life.

This is why, you definitely would not solve a problem if you repeatedly do the thing you used to do. That is, if you do not sit and think critically about why things are not going the way you want them to in order to make adjustments where necessary. If one way does not work, try another.

Look at it this way, maybe you set on to begin a certain task, and then you discover it is not working the way you intended it to. Then you are faced with the choice of staying on course or changing gear. Taking action without proper knowledge is almost like inaction. It will make a person run in circles. The problem is not in the doing, it is whether you are doing it right or not. And if one looks carefully and pays attention to detail then he has been able to solve more than half of life’s issues.

It is important to note that so long as a man has hope, so long as he keeps believing; life will not get worse. Then it is vital to take cognizance of the fact that sometimes life is not going to be fair and at the same time it may probably act like the lady judge holding the scales in one hand and sword in the other. One time, the scale is down and the other is up.

This knowledge should prepare a person to be able to weather any storm when it comes. The preparedness makes for a balanced man, this makes a man to live life fully without leaving it to fate.

Life can only get worse when a man looses hope, when a man gives up. But if you ask me if life can get worse for a man with strong faith? I will say, it gets better. The storm in front of him is there to help him soar like the eagle.

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