Could There Be Any Possible Legitimate Reason For Physical Abuse In Relationships?

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Physical abuse is a form of hurting or causing harm to another person by slapping, beating with the hand or hitting with a physical object. It is seem perplexing and would become a thing of concern to find people ask these questions after realizing what the word “physical abuse” is.

One would therefore surmise that it is not out of place because it means that this is something that has been happening and not just that, it is now accepted in some regions as normal, a necessary evil one must come to terms with and therefore live with it.

It is on the media, some persons who have the notion that human beings are to be beaten, so that they can obey and submit. That without proper physical discipline which concurrently mean beating to them, you will not have an obedient, yielding and submissive partner.

If this is not the most ridiculous thing I have seen on the social media street then one would wonder what else there is.

First, people become abusive for different reasons like;

  • Early experience of violence from parents
  • History of having abusive partners
  • Use of harmful drugs and taking of excessive alcohol content
  • Low level of education

These few reasons and more are responsible for people becoming abusive. In a situation like this, it is advisable to go for therapy in order to help the individual. And for those whose situation involves poor education, they also need to be re-oriented.

If you are getting into a relationship with someone and the person has this notion or supports physical abuse, it is wise to back out of the relationship. Anyone who beats up an adult with whom they are in a relationship with should be booked for a psych evaluation especially if they see it as normal.

Now to the question, the answer is “THERE IS NO PLACE FOR PHYSICAL ABUSE IN A RELATIONSHIP”. No normal human being should have that in their head. If there is a problem of disagreement, as two grown adults it should be discussed; a time where both people in a relationship come together to identify their problems and seek ways to amicably resolve it.

That is how to do it, that is the normal way things are done. It should not reach a point where things are being used to hurt each other or a person is beaten up and ends up with scars, just because there was a little argument here or there.

Perhaps you are in an abusive relationship, and leaving seems difficult because of obvious reasons like; fear of retaliation, stigma from friends and the society, fear of being alone. And a situation where children are involved, fear of leaving the children behind.

It is normal to fear and to be disturbed. But here is another question. “What is fear, if there is no life”? Who will my children have if I am no longer here? This and many more questions should make you think of solutions to the problem. Talking to friends, government agencies and talking it out with your partner in terms of seeking professional help should be discussed. Do not settle for abuse in a relationship.

Physical abuse has no streak of good in it. Apart from the obvious bodily scars the receiving partner has to show for it, there is a psychological part to it which is low self esteem. Research and observation has indicated that people who are physically abused, have low self esteem. They do not seem to perform well in the society. They find it difficult to connect and have a relationship with others. And this becomes a problem not just to their family but also the society.

For parents, the very important reason you should not allow physical abuse is that, you do not want to produce children who will hurt others that will hurt others and many more. You do not want to breed a cycle or generation of abusers.

Never give room for abuse in a relationship. Do not think it, allow it, accept it or settle for it.

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