Transfer News And Rumours: Roma To Return For Zakaria In January

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The Swiss disclose what Borussia Monchengladbach hides. There is a market connection behind the current situation of Denis Zakaria, the midfielder Roma will want to sign in January.

The club has kept Zakaria out of the team while negotiating a contract extension, which expires on 30 June. In the first three Bundesliga games, Zakaria has only played once, coming off the bench before the break against ‘Union Berlin.

However, the player is valuable, in fact, he is really valuable. If the ‘Italy who suffered from it on Sunday in Basel the physical and energetic attributes has been recognized.

The investment would not be disproportionate for a 1996 boy. Meanwhile, Zakaria has switched agents, presumably because he is dissatisfied with his decision to stay in Mönchengladbach following a successful season. The Roma, who have assured Mourinho that they are willing to acquire, are ready to take advantage of the current impasse.

Source: Dello Sport

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