Premier League: Clubs Need To Know If Brazil Players Are Suspended

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If they are suspended this weekend, the six Premier League teams that refused to release players for Brazil’s World Cup qualifiers “need to be reminded.” Clubs need to know “whether they can play their Brazilians or not” in the next 24 hours, according to European Clubs’ Association chief executive Charlie Marshall.

Fifa has the authority to ban players who have not been released during an international window for a period of five days after the window has closed. For Brazil’s three games, nine Premier League players were chosen.

Liverpool’s Alisson, Fabinho, and Roberto Firmino, Manchester City’s Ederson and Gabriel Jesus, Chelsea’s Thiago Silva, Manchester United’s Fred, Leeds attacker Raphinha, and Everton forward Richarlison were among the players called up.

Following objections from the Chilean, Mexican, and Paraguayan organizations, Wolves, Newcastle, Watford, and Blackburn will all be without players this weekend.

Clubs, on the other hand, have yet to learn whether or not players who were not selected for the Brazil squad would be suspended.

On Tuesday, Marshall stated, “This has to be straightened out over the next 24 hours.” “Liverpool and other teams need to know whether or not they can play their Brazilian players.

Source: BBC Sport

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