REVEALED: See The Latest Mind Blowing Features of WhatsApp, as Money Heist Fans Get Special Sticker Pack

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WhatsApp may follow in the steps of Facebook’s Messenger while enabling message reactions on its platform

WhatsApp is found to allow users to apply any of their favourite emojis as message reactions.

The new development appears just days after WhatsApp was spotted adding message reactions to its platform that would work similar to how you can react on messages getting on iMessage, Twitter, and even Facebook’s own Messenger app.

Separately, WhatsApp has released a new sticker pack called Sticker Heist to celebrate the release of the fifth season of Netflix’s popular show Money Heist whose latest season was released on Friday.

As indicated through a screenshot shared by WhatsApp features tracker, message reactions would appear just below the texts available on the app.

The message reactions feature is likely to be provided for both individual and group chats, and people in the conversation are said to be able to see who reacted to a specific message. This means that reactions to a message on WhatsApp would not be anonymous.

This sounds similar to how you can use any emoji for reacting to a message on Facebook’s Messenger. However, it is unlike message reactions available on Twitter and iMessage where users don’t have a lot of options and there are only a few preloaded emoji to react.

Details about when exactly message reactions would be a part of WhatsApp are yet to be announced. The screenshot also seems to be taken from a WhatsApp for iPhone build. Nevertheless, WABetaInfo says that WhatsApp is working on bringing message reactions on WhatsApp for Android beta as well.

Previously known details suggested that users would be required to have the compatible WhatsApp version available on their devices to see message reactions at their end. Users who don’t have that version in place would be asked to update the app.

While the message reactions feature is yet to be made available, WhatsApp has released Sticker Heist as its new animated sticker pack for all users. The pack includes 17 stickers to celebrate the release of the fifth and final season of Netflix’ show Money Heist.Users can get the new sticker pack directly from the stickers store available on WhatsApp. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from a deep link

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