6 Ways To Build, Sustain And Protect Your Self-esteem

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This world is really a tough place to be. That is the sad truth we all have to accept if we want to be true to ourselves. It is not really easy down here. There are just too many obstacles in the way, too many rivers to cross and just an enormous number of hills to climb. Naturally, we have so many things to deal with. Quite unfortunately, we equally have to face pressure from society and fellow humans along with all these.

Human beings have from time to time, tried to oppress one another. For a variety of reasons, some persons feel they have the right and the power to infringed on other’s space both physically and psychologically. A good number of deaths have been recorded as a result of one man’s inhumanity towards another. In some really sad turn of events, some persons have been forced to take their own lives out of frustration and persecution from others.
In all of these, there are measures we can take to ensure that we don’t get pushed to the wall or tripped over and trampled. Even though we may not be able to control the external factors and forces or regulate people’s behaviours, we can at least be able to moderate our reactions and response to life. A very viable defence mechanism we can all apply is building and firm, sufficient and resolute self-esteem. Self-esteem is a strong factor when trying to whether the storms of life. A solid trust in one’s ability coupled with confidence can so propel anyone to great heights.

Ways of Building and Managing a Proper Self-esteem
To be able to build this self-esteem and be able to carry once self as such, there are some attitudes and attributes that must be imbibed. Many have died of depression or fizzle out with just some slight attack on their person. Others have handled over their right and authority to the society because they let lives to be moderate from outside. Thus, to maintain grit and stability, one needs to do some of the following.

1. Accepting Self And Reality:
This does not need to be exaggerated or overemphasized. Once there is an enemy on the inside, all other external defence are laid bare. Things will easily penetrate and puncture our pride if we haven’t come to terms with ourselves and the things that are happening around us. Thus, before others decide to use our weaknesses and deficiencies and weapons against us, such weapons would have lost their potency since we have already dealt with them. So, rather than live in denial it keep wishing for what could have been, we have to accept who we are and see things as they are. This way, we will have a clear perspective and be able to chart the way forward.

2. Establishing And Upholding Values And Principles:
As at now, we all understand that one who does not stand for something will surely fall for nothing. Just hanging in the air to be tossed back and forth, will definitely take its told on how good we feel about ourselves. So, it becomes pertinent that we developed concrete believe systems and core principles that we will all be known for. With this, we will be able to wade off the pressure to shift our grounds and compromise to fit into other’s ideology while losing ourselves.

3. Having An Identity And Projecting A Favourable Image:
On many occasions, the influence possessed by persons is not really as a result of controlling any real power, but a product of the image and Identity they have created for themselves. Simply, by reputation, people have been able to pull some strings and command some actions. Thus, how project ourselves to others matter. What opinions we have and how cogent we express them indicate who we are. So, when we stand for something and express it appropriately, when we are known for something, it will help us trust more in ourselves.

4. Understanding That All Humans Are Flawed In One Way Or Another:
This here is not about competition or comparison. It is simply an underlying fact that all of us must come to terms with. Usually, we go off rambling about our insecurities and dents, trying to exist outside ourselves because we feel there is something wrong with us. Yet, we fail to realize that no human is complete. Everyone is missing and lacking one thing or the other. So, it is not just us. The struggle is divided and everyone has their own lot so we are not inadequate.

5. Continuous Engagement In Self-development:
one way to nurturing our confidence is the knowledge that we are continuously investing in ourselves and that we are better today than we were yesterday. There is no better booster than this. Our self-believe is raised and our morale is heightened too. As a result we begin to like ourselves more irrespective of the views of society.

6. Staying Away From Negative Energy:
A key tool in managing our self-esteem is our consciousness in taking out negativities from our lives. It is very unacceptable to keep rolling with a crop of people that do not bring any motivation to you or who keep dropping negative reviews about you. Being in a toxic environment where your energy levels are continuously being drained can take a series toll on one’s self-image and esteem. Even when we act amiss, we deserve to be put straight using appropriate words and channels not abusive and downgrading means or disgraceful choice of words. Being able to keep out these bad vibes and low energies can help us sustain and grow our self-esteem.

Very often, we suffer from things that we orchestrated ourselves. We give too much room for bad influence to get to us and well as being negligent to the point where become vulnerable and become targets. However, with a good self-esteem, many of these will be avoided and we can become better positioned to make the best out of our lives.

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