England Hit Four Against Hungary With Sterling, Kane, Maguire And Declan Rice On Target

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Raheem Sterling sprinted to the corner flag, squealing with joy. He was racing into the line of fire as bigots in the grandstand pelted him with 27 plastic cups, but nothing was going to stop him.

Nothing ever does, mind you. Whether it’s beer-throwing racists or overzealous defenders, the Manchester City attacker has an irrepressible quality that never gives up and never hides. Simply put, he epitomizes the best aspects of this England team.

What had the potential to be a dreadful evening on the Danube’s banks was transformed into a triumph that rivaled any of England’s five victories that carried them to the European Championship final in July.

It was expected that England’s players would be booed by this partisan audience for kneeling, and that is exactly what happened. Whistles and jeers erupted as Southgate’s team went down as one, stating unequivocally that they will not tolerate any form of bigotry.

But let’s be clear about one point. For all the racial tensions in Eastern Europe, remember that this same team was booed twice in Middlesbrough in June, was booed at Wembley during the tournament, and continues to be booed in some English venues.

Source: Daily Mail

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