Thriving In The Midst Of Trials

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You have probably heard that the road to success is filled with hurdles and obstacles. You heard right. There is no smooth journey on the path to success. In fact the bigger the goal or prize, the bigger the problems you are going to face. As an achiever, the right question is not how to avoid these things we are going to face that will prove problematic. Because obviously we cannot avoid them. They are there to be part of our success story. Now, the right question is; how can I keep going amidst all of this? How can I thrive amidst the hurdles on success path.

It begins here; first is having in mind what you want to achieve. Without goals and plans, or purpose, one is described as a rudderless ship. A one without direction. Here is what happens to a man who does not have a concrete plan or aim about his life. Life comes at him with its storm. It blows at him. The man is picked up from his root to the direction of the wind. Let us say that the wind comes again this time from the south it blows. The man follows suit to whatever destination the wind will land him, maybe east. No direction, no sense of purpose, no goal. It makes a man live his life unfulfilled, leaves his life to fate.

So the very first way of thriving is having a goal in mind, a set plan in your head. That no matter how the cards may play, you are sure you are going to check out. Why? Because that has been your goal from the beginning.

Second, it is necessary to have a strong believe in oneself to be able to achieve whatever he has set his mind to achieve. If someone does not believe in you, but you believe in yourself then you have conquered. But if there are self doubts, it is going to be a strong hindrance. A limitation even. One may probably not go so far to even face trials. And even though they did, they would not have the strength enough to face it.
Someone rightly said, “the greatest victory is the one over oneself”. You have to conquer self doubts, fear and any other things you know that will stop you from getting what you want.

Third is focus. There are persons who have the first two things, goals and belief in themselves but do not have focus. One thing is starting a journey, another is continuing the journey and finishing it. This is how life plays out; there are people you are going to meet on the path to success, doing their own thing. Some may even run faster than you. Achieve huge goals before you make a milestone.

There’s a temptation to become discouraged. This is a trial, the fact that it looks like you are not doing anything. Like your journey is too slow. You may even ask questions like, Why is it that no matter what I do it looks like I’m not moving forward? What you can use to overcome this discouragement factor is focus.

It is hard for a focused man not to surmount anything that comes his way. You have to focus, and set your eyes on the prize with the consciousness that your journey and that of someone else is different. You do not let the “rush” in the society get to you. You have your goals etched in your heart and your mind like a huge symbol.

Fourth, is watching the lives of the people who had come before you. There is something about admiring a person who’s life portrays what you desire and who you want to be and looking up to that person. It is like a catalyst that keeps you going no matter what you face on success path. You tell yourself constantly that if those people could achieve that, then it is most probable that they must have faced this. Then you say if they could, then you can. Who you look up to, is a necessary factor to you thriving in the face of trials and difficulty.

The last but not the least is thoughts; if you are going to thrive, you are going to consciously shut your mind to the thoughts that want to cripple you. Take a look at the lily in the mire. There are dirts all around it. But you find it grow, blossom and thrive with its white petals basking in the open with all its glory. If you passed by it, you just cannot miss it. Why? Because it is the only white thing there in that place surrounded by a whole lot of dirt. That is how you should protect your mind. Before life’s difficulties and trials can get to you, it will have to conquer your mind. If your mind is conquered then everything is over.

Protect your mind, your thoughts. Be conscious of what you let in and let out. Do not surround yourself with people who only always talk about the negatives. If you do, eventually you will start believing the same. Thriving amidst all of life’s trials is not a rocket science, you do not have to go to the greatest library on earth to find the answers. It begins with you, from the daily things you do, to the beliefs you hold. Now having learnt this, go and thrive. You absolutely can.

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