Your Life Is Worth Living

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Yes, Yes, absolutely! Your life is worth living. Each day as your feet hits the floor, you should know that you have been offered a gift – a chance to add more value to yourself and the world. To do those things you could not do yesterday. Life says each day “here am I, I am giving you another opportunity to live”. Your only duty is to open your arms wide and embrace life; and receive it.

Perhaps life has been so hard on you. From when you were a child, you have heard your parents discuss behind close doors and the topic has always been you. You have heard your father tell your mother that he did not want another child. That she should have aborted you. And then you feel sad about it. Everything evolving from the way they act towards you shows that you are not wanted.

But here is something to note, you are not an accident. Perhaps they are wrong parents but no child is an accident. Your parents coming together was necessary so you can be formed. The universe needed you, and the genes of your parents were the right combination to bring you here. This is why you are here now, it is why it is necessary that you live and beyond that, you thrive.

If your life has been one of abuse, rejection, stigmatization etc, whatever the case may be, you are here now. Every event of your life was there to shape you so you can be and do those things you are supposed to do. It is unfortunate that you had to pass through that feeling of abandonment, pain and neglect; but it is not the end.

Still in doubt of whether your life is worth living? Take a cursory case of your life. Imagine it to be a book, as you go through each page and then each chapter. Look at how far you have come, what you have endured. The things you dared that made you very brave. Look at how courageous and strong you have become, having learnt to forgive those that have wronged you. After looking at the personal values you have acquired, look at the accomplishments. It is no coincidence, no mean feat that you are here, right now in this space.

The universe brought you here to add value to it, to shine your light in that little corner, that little space you have found yourself. Forget about what others had done or said about you. Take away the stereotypes you have formed for years about your existence.

“My life is worth living”, should be a daily chant immediately your eyes blink open in the morning. It should be the thing that makes you get up from bed, drives you to do more and accomplish more in the world.

Here is an affirmative about this particular point from a popular line taken from the Bible, “As a man thinketh, so is he”. Thoughts define a man, they drive him, they are the source and main catalyst for his actions.

Another thing here is, surrounding yourself with people who know your worth, who constantly remind you that you are valuable to them, the society and the world. You would not know your worth, if you surround yourself with people who make it their business to bring you down and make you feel less. And even though you did know your worth, these people will make it such that you start doubting your existence and pretty soon, you find it difficult to believe.

The third thing is, allowing the world to hear you. Put yourself out there, do not hide under the covers for fear of being criticized. No one would be heard that way. Usually the fear of repetitive experience stops us from being seen or heard. But if you want to thrive, if you want to live your fullest healthy life, the world would have to hear you. No way are you going to be a light when you are hidden.

Start today to believe that you are worth the gift of life amidst what you have faced or gone through. Then begin to live that life because your life is definitely worth living.

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