“There Was A Time When Arsenal Was The Best Run Club In The Country. These Days It’s The Work Experience Club”, Martin Samuel

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Arsenal contacted Norwich about Emiliano Buendia earlier this summer. They stated that they would bid £25 million for him.

Norwich had already received a £30 million offer for Buendia from Aston Villa, it was revealed. The board was going to think about it. Yes, Arsenal’s representative continued, but his club’s recruitment department had a strong statistical analytics team that assisted in determining player values, and they estimated Buendia’s worth to be no more than £25 million.

So Norwich patiently stated that, while the experts undoubtedly provide significant guidance, Arsenal’s offer would not be presented to Norwich’s board because it had already been outbid by £5 million.

Arsenal’s man thought about it. Then he stated he’d go away and talk with various members of the transfer committee about the next step.

The list was long and detailed. Josh Kroenke, Edu, Mikel Arteta, Vinai Venkatesham, and possibly others are among them. Norwich suggested that time is of the importance in this situation. Buendia moved to Villa for £30 million.
Arsenal was formerly regarded as the best-run club in the country. That time has passed.

Source: Daily Mail

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