The Reality Of Life Does Not Welcome Cowardice

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What is life?

Some say it is a journey, others say it is a race. Some say it is a rollercoaster ride. For this conversation all the above definitions will be adopted. Listen, life is not fair! It does not always give you what you want. In fact the more you want something, life can take it so far way that you will have to go out, leave your high horses and go grab it.
Here is a fun fact about human beings; humans were created to live and not just that but to thrive.

Another fact is; the environment where man is supposed to live is an arena of resources up for grasping. Now, he is not just the only one there to take it, there are others. And although these resources are available for everyone, he is bound by time and a harsh reality that if he does not get certain resources at a particular time, he may not be able to get it till he fades away.

Now, this striking reality is what we are faced with. The fact that life does not demand our sitting down and folding our arms till things come to us. Often they will not come. This thing about man is the one reason that makes a person sits down, in a sombre mood to take into account the details of his life and then realises that something is off, that there is something he is definitely not doing. Then he gets up and decides to do something about that, to work harder, to push ahead and rise above the status quo.

A person who sits down often, folds his arms expecting and wishing that good things comes his way is most likely to end up disappointed, bitter and unsatisfied. I mean, “If wishes were horses, beggars world definitely ride”. No one would set goals or have huge plans; everyone would stay in bed knowing that a good fairy would come and drop his wishes in front of his door.
But that is not life, life demands from everyone that we leave our comfort zones and get working. Even after starting a thing, or accomplishing a certain task, we are to aim for more.

Since life is a race, a competition, any moment of negligence might just take us to starting from the very beginning. The world changes so fast and moves at an alarming rate, the speed of light they say. This fact, makes it such that no one is required to sit still.

Success is a process; life’s accomplishments is in phases. And so when you have attained one feat you move on to the next phase no matter how tough it may look, no matter how big it may be. We take that roller coaster ride no matter how afraid we are of heights and we keep going.

Do you know that having to live life in itself rids us of certain fears? If we are not brave enough to take on certain roles, life makes us such that we take on boldness and become courageous.

The journey called life, toughens us; it takes us through phases, events. Allows us to go through experiences so we can survive, so we can know that there is so much out there we can get or accomplish if only we can weather the harsh storms that come our way. The questions we should ask ourselves are; “are we ready to be brave and stare life squarely in the face?”, “to push for more?” “to take whatever life brings with it head on?”

It is quite easy to say yes. And it is a good thing to say yes because once you say yes. You are signing up to be as brave as possible; to put fear aside for once. If you want to be more, and live life well not just mere lazing about with survival instincts. Then you really need to step up, be brazen and go out there.

Be reminded once again that the reality of life does not welcome cowardice. Whether you choose to stand up and go take opportunities or chances that will make your stay on earth enjoyable is left to you. And whether you choose not to is definitely up to you.

The harsh reality is, life will definitely smoke you out. Whether you choose to come out into the arena or not, life will definitely bring you out. And you will be surrounded by other people that life has choosen to bring you all together with. Thus, you would be pushed to go out and grasp what is in front of you. Certainly, you are not going to stay still either because if you do, you are most likely to be crushed. So you will have no choice but to put your heels to the ground and get going.

The question remains, this time, are you prepared for this ride, this journey and this race? Well good news is, life gives second chances. Immediately you decide to leave your comfort zone, to face life, it offers you everything you need.

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