Yes! True Love Exist And It Can Be For You Too

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You have just seen the photos of your favourite celebrity couple on every media page you have come across. You wonder what is happening, why are they everywhere? Perhaps they have gotten a new house or are pregnant and are expecting a new baby. Then you have a shocking reveal that they are separating and do not think they are headed the same direction, in fact they say they have fallen out of love with each other.

Wow, this looks like you just received a slap to your face. But they seemed so in love, their bond looked strong that nothing could come in between them, not to mention separating them. Why would they ever separate after fifteen years of being together? And then you conclude with the submission that, “if this people can part ways after being together, then there is nothing like true love, no relationship can last”.

Well, that is a really wrong narrative. To base the whole idea or concept of love and relationship on two individuals or one or two scenarios definitely does not cut it. When two people who were in love say they are no longer in love, the real question that should be asked would be, were they ever in love to begin with? Did they really love each other.

Because love isn’t one thing, it isn’t a feeling, neither is it aesthetic. It is far from that. In fact, this is where most people get it wrong. They see a beautiful person, I mean physically; and their heart skips a bit. Then they scream “Eureka, I have found the one for me”. Then they go headlong into a love relationship, without proper understanding and knowledge of what they just signed up for. It is the reason; one minute they are in, the next they are out.

True love exists and love relationships can last a lifetime If you want it to, and if you choose that you will make your love life work out. But first, you have to get a right knowledge of what love is, because if you do, you will know what to look out for in a prospective partner. And if he/she does not meet the conditions, you will have a choice of walking away as early as possible.

First, like earlier stated, love is not one thing. It is not feelings alone, or beauty alone. In fact the latter which is beauty is subjective and very personal. So that is far from it. Love is several things all encompassed in one. Love is kind, patient, gentle, forgiving, understanding, tolerant, always ready to give. Love is appreciative.

When someone says he loves you, and you share the same feeling. Ask yourself, Do we both tick off the requirements of what love entails?
If someone says he loves you and is not kind and gentle towards you. The person does not in any way love you. If you say you love someone and you are not patient or tolerant towards that person. You do not love the person. This fits the narrative that you both do not love each other enough and that you need to take a step back and work on yourselves before coming back together to start a relationship.
Before deciding you want to start something with the love of your life. You have to weigh the consequences of your decisions. Funny right? But it is the truth.

You are taking a really bold step to be open to another individual, to share your deepest secrets with him/her. So you have to take into consideration the underlying consequences that comes with that decision. Do I trust this person enough? Have I decided to stay with this person forever no matter what we may get to face in the future? These are very vital questions.

In fact, if people were to be more logical than emotional before entering into a relationship. Relationships will last a whole lot longer. Because they know what they are getting themselves into.

Another point why it looks like true love does not exist is; Successful love stories are not told enough, they are not they most shared story you see in the media. It is usually the negative ones that go viral. If people with successful love life share their story more often, the stereotype of true love being non existent will ease away.

Still on this point, if you are looking for true love and need an affirmative that true love exists, surround yourself with people whose lives show what you are looking out for. And if life happens to them and they go apart, remember that they once shared a love you admired and most importantly, their lives should not automatically define yours.

Do not look out for negatives, online or around you. And quit sharing stories of broken relationships; this is in a way to help others believe that love is not a tale told. But it is real and definite.

So my friend, true love exists. All you need is to place yourself in the right position, prepare your mind and heart and it will definitely find you.

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