Why Do Kids Become Bitter Towards Separated Parents?

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There are a number of obvious and remote reasons for the negative distant attitude of many kids towards their parents who are no longer together. It is true that not every one is happy about the homes being shattered. Still, there are some who take it more to heart than others and this is mostly the case with the children.

A major reason for this attitude is the feeling of deprivation the kids have. Very easily, kids feel they have been deprived by their parents of the privileges of the home. They find it hard to accept that their parents are not longer together and the once united family they had is no more.
Along with this sad state of mind comes the thought that their parents did not care and love them. Kids will likely think that if their parents cared so much about them, they would have stayed together to look after them.

At times, kids may feel less important to the parents and thus, unwanted. Factually or erroneously, they can nurse the thought of parents being selfish and insensitive. By feeling left alone, they get detached from these parents or parent who they feel does not have them in mind and thus become distant.

It is also common to have kids feeling a parent or both were being immature and careless about the family and in handling the issues in the home. Hence, towards such parent, kids may express gross disrespectful and disregard as well as strong dislike for.

Kids love to feel relevant and cherished, if for one reason or the other they are lacking this attention as a result of their parents pulling apart, this deficiency leads them to build these characters.

Whenever parents are not living up to their expectations and are not living up to the standards expected of them, they are bound to invite negative reviews to themselves from their kids. With this bad reviews also come bad response and reaction in terms of attitude.

Thus, we see as one prominent one, the recoil into shell and closing up of kids. They build the defensive mechanism or physically and emotionally resisting the parent. The walls created in such kids can grow so tall that it becomes impossible to scale.

Consequently, it is wise for parents to explore all available avenues to resolve their issues and disputes before settling for the final decision of splitting. Therefore, separation should only become an option as the last resort when all other means fail.

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