How Broken Homes Creates A Wall Between Parents And Their Kids

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In the original sense of the word home, there were heavy undertones of suppose comfort, bliss, security, friendship and a number of other positive concepts. The home represented a place of refuge, safety and love, where everyone is relaxed, feels connected and had a sense of being a part of something.

Quick roll up to the present; homes have been disrupted, destabilized and cut in pieces. The rot in the family system is so deep that the once glorious dignity that the home was accorded has totally vanished. The sanctity and image of the home is not in shambles. Not many people uphold their marital vows anymore. Not many take time to consider the welfare of other personalities in the home.

With the sustained campaign for cutting off engagements and breaking up marriages still very loud in various media, there has been a rapid and steady increase in the number of broken homes and failed marriages today. There are many negative outcomes that occur and a result of this.
However, the most critical of them all is the huge gap that is created between the disputing parents and the kids. Many times, the innocence of kids get infected by the parting of their parents.

Consequently, these kids, build defensive psychological and emotional wall about them.
Some get to develop deep disdain and even outright hatred to one or both parents. In many instances, it is seen that the children are the ones that are worst hit by broken homes. In a situation such as this, it becomes very plausible that kids develop antagonist attitude and become rebellion and sometimes disgust for their parents such that they want to have nothing of a connection with them.

In some instances, these distant and antagonist attitude can be directed towards one of the parents who was responsible for the separation or who accused to be the cause. In this case, kids tilt more towards one parent while despising and holding the other in contempt.

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