Even Reims Fans Chanted Lionel Messi’s Name As He Made His PSG Debut

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The small man who had attracted the attention of the world was resting against a wall, a blue-and-red face mask whirling around his finger. At first impression, he appeared to be completely at ease.

Lionel Messi, on the other hand, could be seen squeezing his lips together and occasionally gulping in the stressful seconds leading up to kick-off. There was also a time when he hid behind Gianluigi Donnarumma’s imposing bulk, as if seeking refuge.

If you can, forget about the phone number salary and the admiration he receives from Buenos Aires to Barcelona and everywhere in between. This was a glimpse of a man who was scared and vulnerable, the kinds of feelings that come with starting a new job.

Messi is used to being scrutinized, so he wouldn’t have batted an eye at the three photographers who, like marksmen, methodically positioned themselves around the Paris St Germain bench and began clicking-click-clicking to get the perfect shot as he took his spot among the other replacements.

We must say ‘expectation’: regardless of his age, Messi’s name beckons you into a world where football dream can become reality. We all have memories of him, of those times when he made you jump out of your chair in awe.

Source: Daily Mail

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