“Chelsea Showed The Mettle Of Champions Against Liverpool”, Martin Samuel

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Thomas Tuchel looked around the away locker room. There were a number of men who were exhausted. There were a lot of tired, aching bodies. He would, however, have seen something else. The champion’s tenacity. Defiance and determination on their faces.

Tuchel, of course, will have suspected it already. He brought these players and the Champions League title back from Porto. Domestic football, on the other hand, is a different story. A lengthy, laborious, and frequently unglamorous journey. Chelsea is unlikely to play a 45-minute game this season that lasts longer than the second half at Anfield.

And they made it through. With a draw, rather than a win. With a man advantage, a goalless tie was fought out over 45 minutes plus extra time against one of Europe’s most relentlessly active offensive sides.

Liverpool is a never-say-die team. Liverpool is a team that never gives up. Chelsea’s Mateo Kovacic, however, had the finest chance to win the game after halftime. Locals flocked to the exits as the show came to a close. They’d had enough.

Chelsea would not submit to Liverpool’s demands. It wasn’t only that they hung in there. It was the rapidity with which a stalemate appeared to be the most likely outcome. Chelsea appeared to have grasped the situation quickly. They were brilliant in repelling Liverpool.

Source: Daily Mail

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