A Little Patience Will Go A Long Way

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We are living in a society where everyone is just pursuing something. There is an adrenaline rush to get this and that; everyone is in a hurry to grasp as many things as he can lay his hands on and if you are not looking like you are also in a hurry, then it might seem like something is definitely wrong.

So this guy is in his third year in the University, his parents sends him cash from time to time and he is definitely okay with that. In fact, he has in mind to pursue a masters degree and also a doctorate so as to become the best in his field. Then one day, he gets a call from his friend that there is an alumni get together party the following weekend. He gets thrilled about having to go see his friends from kindergarten. He brings out his best outfit and then prepares to have a lot of fun.

Saturday evening finally arrives, he reaches the venue with an Uber ride. But when he gets to the location his friend had described to him, he is confused. There are about 10 cars parked outside. Not just any car, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Toyota. Each of them the latest models. Still unsure about being in the right place, he reaches into his pocket and places a call to his friend. His friend confirms he is at the right place and then steps out to welcome him.

Inside, he meets his old classmates and friends. They get talking, and about three of them talk about what they own and the businesses they have; four have inherited their fathers companies. Some others had a thing or two they did which fetched them huge income. He listens intently, then silently leaves the group to avoid being asked any questions. He would not be able to tell them he finally got admission after two years of waiting and he is in his third year now. Neither will he be able to tell them that the money he has saved is for his Masters degree, he couldn’t afford the luxury they had now. His friends were definitely living the life.
After his surmise, he begins to ask himself some questions like;

“hope I am not wasting my time going to school and having huge plans?”

“how can I achieve all of what my friends have?”
Hold up! This is the story of some of us. The craze to get everything within the shortest possible time. This feeling stems from the “comparison factor”. When we stop looking at ourselves and how far we have come and then we decide to look outside, to look at others. Sometimes, it is as a result of having tried out a whole lot of things, giving it our best shot and putting in a whole lot of work, but it seems as if the results we need are not forthcoming. But we find that someone who is not giving the same amount of energy and time we are giving to the same thing, just seems to find it easy to get results.

I mean the person just comes today, does a little thing here and there and gets the outcome he wants. It is a normal thing to ask yourself what you are doing wrong. To ask yourself if your dreams and plans are valid. And to want to have a quick fix to every problem you are facing.

But can you be a little bit patient with yourself? Can you sit down and take stock of how far you have come? How much you have achieved, and the great plans you have for the future? Can you be grateful for the gifts of people, life and opportunities that have made you to be the person you are right now? Can you trust the fact that you are in a process and you will definitely get to where you are going to?
A Chinese Proverb reads; “One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life”.

This is very true, the people whose life you are comparing to your own and wanting to get whatever they have gotten and have what they have are walking a different path, so also are you. If you are not patient enough to look at your own journey and make the most out of it, you may end up being an unhappy and bitter person filled with regrets.

The best thing about being patient and waiting for something is that we add a whole lot of excellent moral values to ourselves. Like practicing gratitude for the progress we have made, learning happiness when things go our way and when they do not. Most importantly we become brave and brazen. Especially when it comes to facing life’s affairs.
Don’t let the rush of grasping everything get to you. Focus on your journey and be a little bit patient. In time the things you need will come to you, and you will have the things you desire.

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