Keep Pushing And Believing, Love Will Definitely Find You

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It is really a sad reality that life has happened to people in form of the person whom the fell in love with and shared their deepest secrets and fears with. “Life isn’t fair”, is a loud cry you hear from those that are deeply hurt. They wonder why their case is different. Some, being that every person they had met and became involved with one way or the other repeatedly hurt them by walking out of the relationship.

They ask questions like; “why is mine different?”, “what have I ever done wrong?”, “is there something wrong with me?”, “am I not worth loving?”, “am I not pretty enough?”, “is it because I do not have money?”

The list goes on as they conclude that maybe love is just not for them. Their deeply hurt heart sometimes starts a conjecture that perharps there is no such thing as love, that whatever couples put up must be some sort of display or a show off. A comfort for them is the surmise that the people who probably display their love or show case public affection for each other are probably hurting. They see every love symbol and custom as a mere culture, a practice; nothing deep or spectacular about it.

Others hurt so much that they build walls, walls so high one would break trying to climb up to get to their hearts. Their hurt heart develops strong hatred for love or anyone who would come their way proposing it. They might even go further to manipulate others, to make them feel and know the same hurt that has accosted them.

Well, it is something that happened. And I am sorry they got hurt, they got their heart broken. But here is something to note; Love is real, love is beautiful and love will definitely find them again.

The problem is not about love; the problem is always about the individuals who come together to share that love. Who have a strong bond as a result of that beautiful gift called love.

May I also inform you that love is a choice we make. Contrary to the widespread opinion that says love is a feeling. That butterfly, feathery feeling you have in the pit of your stomach when you see that person your heart desires; or the rapid beating of your heart, when they comes close. Or is it the fact that they take your breath away and to you they are the most beautiful thing you have seen in the universe. Well, your feelings are valid. I mean a part of love involves that.

But love is more than feelings, it is deeper than that. You get to choose the person you love, to tell yourself this is who I want to share myself with; my thoughts, my secrets and my dreams. And perhaps you have done that and it did not really work out. You find out that they were not who they said they were. You find out eventually that you are not compatible, that you are on different paths.

I want to say it is okay, it happens. This is life, you are going to heal and you are going to move on. But what is not okay is you defining love by the action of that one individual and saying you would have nothing to do with love again. That is not so cool. Humans are imperfect creatures, they are always going to make mistakes. And when that happens, dust yourself up and try again.

Trying again here, does not mean you should rush into another love relationship as a way of healing from your heart and finding security. It is more of assurance, a belief system that if this did not work out, the next will. It is finding faith and being courageous and open enough, waiting patiently such that when love comes, you will be there to receive it in all its beauty.

If you are hoping and looking forward to having a great love relationship, self neglect should not be in the picture. I mean why wait for a beautiful, wonderful and life changing experience all looking haggard and drained of life? Where is the expectation and enthusiasm in that?

Do not beat yourself up after a failed relationship, it was not just your fault. Forgive yourself and move on. Forgive the other party, look at the positive side; at least you know what you do not want and you know cannot bear to settle. You have big dreams now, you are working on yourself. After all, you got strength enough to forgive, heal from your hurt and to move on. So, if you are waiting patiently wondering if love will come again, I want to tell you that you should open your arms wide, and smile because love will definitely come and it will find you.

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