All You Need Might Be A Little Faith

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Life is beautiful, and life is good. With life comes the good and bad. Some days are bleak, other days rainbow colours, we find roses here and there and life blooms all around us.

This is the reality of living, of being a human. Knowing that with everyday we have expectations for the good times but some days when things do not go our way, we keep moving; we keep on without despair.

Part of being alive, and living well includes having valid plans for your life, setting goals. These goals become the parameters by which we build our worlds They guide us on life’s journey so we do not go navigating aimlessly.

Every goal set has with it a clear mental picture which is always in the mind of the achiever and becomes a drive that gets him up on his feet in the morning and puts him at work. But what happens when our plans are not going the way we want it to? What happens when are dreams are delayed by things beyond our control, and we feel like we are running out of time? Why does it seem like someone who was so full of life one minute, falls into depression the next minute?

One major setback makes him feel like there is nothing more for him in this life. Well, this is it. The narrative of life shows that there are the good times and the bad times. And we are given a daily reminder to always look forward to the good times and be ready when the bad times come.
Look at it this way, maybe the reason people fall into depression and just give up is because they set too high standards. It is okay to have big dreams, but these people proposed visions and goals that are not SMART.

They have goals that are not specific, unimaginable, unrealistic and unattainable. They say it is a goal anyway, but do not consider the realities right in front of them and the important things that need to be taken care of so that these goals can be achieved.

Some set goals, that if they are truly honest with themselves, they would agree that they could not possibly attain them in their lifetime. Amidst all these factors, they still go ahead. It is a little wonder how often they slip into depression.

And there are others who have goals, but do not give room to exercise faith. Faith in the sense that, it is one thing to have huge plans and vision, it is another thing to believe that they will come to pass, no matter the obstacles that may spring up in the course of achieving them.

This thing called “a little faith” should be cultivated by everyone. It comes in when everything we have planned and worked for does no go our way. When the setback hits so hard that we are driven back to point zero. That is where the little faith kicks in; to remind us that there is no point for alarm. That we should stay on course and keep going, that eventually we will have what we are waiting and working for.

So many dreams fail to become realities and so many visions are yet to be realised because the bearer did not stay long enough, did not have a little more faith.

Are you one that is prone to giving up when things do not go your way? Your goals are like a hit and run. You get started on it and when you see the storm coming you just leave it and get going; with the premise that you will start something all over again.

But how long will that keep happening? How long would you have so many unfinished projects, so much start-ups but no finishing? Simply because you are afraid and the storm that comes looks too big that it feels like your visions and big plans is going to be consumed by it.

Here is something from Voltaire; “Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power to believe”.
I conclude by saying that often, the most beautiful things comes from having a little faith; even you that is looking and waiting for love. Listen, life offers its best when we least expect it and when we are unwilling to give up. When we take a bold step further as an act of faith.

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