Govt Covid Expert Says Irresponsible Premier League Is Showing Contempt For Fans’ Health

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A Government scientist has warned that the Premier League’s ‘irresponsible’ decision to allow thousands of football fans back into games this season without requiring verification of Covid vaccination status or negative test results could lead to another lockdown.

Professor Ravindra Gupta, a member of the Nervtag (New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group), said the Premier League’s unwillingness to order teams to do spot checks “shows a disrespect for the health of football spectators and the people working at these venues.”

According to MailOnline, if Covid transmission is not suppressed, it might unwittingly create a super-spreader, resulting in a ‘dramatic expansion in cases’ and the restoration of limitations such as mandatory facemasks, social distance, and lockdowns.

Spurs, Chelsea, and Arsenal all require proof of vaccination or negative test results, however fans at other venues are not asked to prove their Covid status. When football fans returned in limited numbers in mid-May to watch Euro 2020 matches, they were required to show proof of full vaccination or a negative lateral flow test.

Source: Daily Mail

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